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The main ingredients

When I was growing up in Canada as a young man, I had no particular relationship with food. This changed when I started working for a small chain of luxury cruise ships called Seabourne.

After Seabourn, I persued a career as a Captain on Super Yachts. During that time, I worked for some of the wealthiest people in the world, and only food prepared with the best ingredients was served. It was here that I learned to appreciate high quality food as well as the importance of outstanding service.

The main ingredient: A father's love for his daughter. I tried desperately to make my life at sea cohesive with having a family. In the end, it could not be done, so I chose my daughter and soon after, the idea of ​​Soup Stone was born.

“One of the things that always gives me strength and encouragement is my daughter's interest in and enthusiasm around Soup Stone. “

The dream of a food revolution

I take great pride in the food I serve to my guests in the cafe - and I take it just as seriously as when I cook for my own family. I would never serve food to a guest that I would not be proud to serve to my family or that I would eat myself.

My dreams have changed a lot over the last few years. I have learned and I have adapted. Among other things, I have learned that in order to further develop Soup Stone, we need to be present and expand our business online. In addition, we need to focus on the opportunities that exist in retail.
The goal is to continue to offer the very best to our guests in the cafe in Odense, while at the same time we will further develop our business and build on the same principles of good, healthy ingredients and a high standard.  

– Stephen Dean Paul